White Label SEO Tools – Do They Make Or Break The Deal?

Nearly every reseller offers white label SEO tools. It’s simply part of the package in today’s market. Some companies offer tools and features as their unique selling proposition. Don’t get too caught up in this when deciding on which company to work with.

First off – not all “tools” are created equal. When you see an SEO reseller with an enormous list of tools it can be a bit impressive. However when you dig into it, a lot of these tools have very limited use. And sometimes, when dealing with a company like this you’re expected to use the “tools” they provide instead of getting solid, fundamental strategy advice. So be warned.

Of course not all tools are bad! Let’s take a look at some of the most common tools and which we find to be the most helpful in improving a digital marketing agencies ROI.

ConfigToolsOur Recommended Set of White Label SEO Tools

#1 – Keyword Rank Tracking

This is pretty much a given. If you’re considering working with a reseller and they don’t have rank tracking, look elsewhere. It’ll simply be an additional cost otherwise as it’s necessary for every client.

#2 – Intuitive Dashboard System

As you bring on clients (or transfer them into a new system) you’ll want the dashboard to be easy to use. There are a lot of reports, orders, and scheduled items that need to be tended to while operating an SEO campaign through a reseller. All of these things should be easy to find, setup, order and maintain.

#3 – Full White Label Branding Ability

When you deliver a report to a client it absolutely must have your logo and company colors on it. The services, products, and reports all need to be viewed as your company’s work, not the resellers. Being able to customize reports, products, and even emails is very helpful in making that happen.

#4 – Full Complimentary Menu Of Services

Typically working with a reseller means that you have access to some on-site SEO tools or services. However the majority of the work done that needs to be done is content creation and promotion. If your chosen platform doesn’t excel in content creation or have a wide array of powerful off-site promotion products, you’re in the wrong place. Here are some complimentary services we love.

  • Standard & Premium Content Creation – A true must have. Without content you’re going to have very limited promotion tactics available to you. It’s also ideal if the content is U.S. based writers as opposed to English as a second language based service.
  • Mini Site Creation – This is becoming a popular tactic in today’s rapidly changing SEO landscape. Building and promoting small lead gen based sites help drive leads and sales to the main site while protecting it from aggressive promotion.
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution – This is a classic promotion method. This should be fairly standard with most resellers. However the quality of the content may not be up to par everywhere you find it.
  • Call Tracking – This is becoming more and more popular amongst large white label resellers. This allows you to track every phone call produced by the client’s website. This can be very helpful when determining ROI from all web channels.

Some of Our Least Favorite Tools

  • Conversion tracking – this can be done efficiently for free with Google analytics
  • Retargeting – We find this to be an odd offering for reseller platforms. There are much more established companies for this channel. This is also not something that’s a given with an SEO campaign.
  • Google Analytics – This should never be a tool “offering” by a reseller. It’s not hard to setup and it’s free from Google themselves.
  • Power Point & PDF Submissions – These types of promotions will most likely not be helpful for your clients. Very few companies fit the bill for this type of services.

There you have it. All of our favorite white label SEO tools in one handy list. You may or may not find these all in one location. That’s OK. No one service is going to be perfect. You’ll just have decide what tools are most important to your company’s style of campaigns.

Common Asked Questions

Q – What Are SEO Tools?

A – SEO tools offer faster  more efficient ways to gather data and analyse it to make data driven decisions about SEO campaigns.  These tools save potentially hundreds of man hours in research and analysis.

Q – How many SEO tools do I need?

A – The number of SEO tools you need will be determined by the type of job you’re  doing.  So the actual number of tools will vary greatly.  If you’re providing a single service or product like keyword research for example, you’ll most likely use just one piece of software.

For clients whose campaigns you manage from start to finish (fully managed SEO services) may use up to a dozen or so different pieces of software.  As your campaign progresses the types and amount of data that you need to analyse changes quite a bit.

Q – Which SEO Tools Should I Use?

A -

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