White Label SEO Software – Sometimes You’ve Gotta Know What’s Under The Hood

Is there such a thing as software automation when it comes to SEO these days?  It’s a topic that’s hotly debated amongst professionals.  As with most things, the answer lies somewhere in the grey area.  We’ll take a look at the different kinds of white label SEO software available today.

On-site SEO Software

This is probably the most common category of software.  The biggest tool in this category is the “site auditor” tool.  Full site auditing analyzes every aspect of every page of your site in order to determine its level of optimization.  Some of these tools are highly efficient while others are handy for adding material to a sales pitch.

Many resellers use this tool in particular to lure in customers for their platform.  While a site audit tool may be handy for pre-sales, if it’s going to be done to the highest level it needs to be done by a human being.  The best optimization is part science and part art.  If it’s left up to automated software you end up with cookie cutter recommendations that nearly every other agency can provide for free.

SEO SoftwareOther common on-site SEO tools you’ll find might be:

  • keyword generation
  • keyword analyzation
  • image optimization
  • page load speed

In fact you may find there is a whole litany of tools available with one white label SEO provider versus another.  Just be mindful about which tools are really that important to you.  Several of the listed applications can be found for free online through various sources.  Don’t let a large inventory of simple tools make the buying decision for you.

Off-Site SEO Software

This is where a white label seo platform can really come in handy.  The amount of sharing, promoting, and link building it takes to help websites rank better is a daunting task.  It wasn’t that long ago when a home based SEO could utilize automation tools to build spammy links and get pages ranked in the SERPs.

Today – that kind of spammy automation is useless.  But that doesn’t mean that digital marketing agencies can’t use the help of an automated solution (like PosiRank.com for example).  While the link building and the promoting happens “automatically” for you the agency; behind the scenes there real people grinding away to fulfill your order.  At least that’s the way an ethical white label seo software company operates.

Types of Off-Site SEO Tools You Might Come Across

  • Citation link building
  • Local link building
  • National / international link building
  • Tiered link building
  • Guest posting
  • Press Release distribution
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Content Sharing
  • Social Commenting
  • Blog Post Commenting
  • PDF Distribution
  • Podcast Distribution
  • Mass Link Building
  • Link Boosting
Buyer Beware – ask your potential reseller partner how they operate?  Do they use automated programs to build your links?  If they do – how do they use it?  Will it ever point to your money site?  If so you are better off giving your business to one that doesn’t.  Sometimes that may mean higher prices.  But that’s ok because the quality of work you receive is far superior than the alternative.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q – What Is SEO Automation?

A – SEO Automation can mean a couple of different things.  It’s a bit of a misleading term in today’s SEO world.  Some SEO automation consists of computer software creating web spam in various forms to try and rapidly push a website up the rankings to profit for a day or two before Google shuts it down.  The ethical side of SEO Automation can either be software powered (IE: keyword research – software gather’s data automatically for faster human assessment) or human powered behind the scenes.  For example, some companies sell guest blog post links to SEO’s.  These links are acquired by actual people connecting with blog owners, writing content for their blog, and having it published on behalf of their client.  It’s an entirely manual process but it’s done “automatically” for the client.


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