White Label SEO Dashboard – Helping To Keep You Organized & Delivering High End Services

White label seo dashboardThe white label SEO dashboard is your SEO division’s headquarters. It’s the one place that helps keep your entire operation organized, tracked, and scheduled. When you’re dealing with several clients or even hundreds you’ve got to be sure you can count on your platform dashboard to deliver the kind of stats, reports, and general responsiveness you need to keep things moving smoothly.

Every dashboard you work with will be different, of course. Some will be flashy with lots of pretty graphs and charts while others will be straight forward, to the point, and offer simple search and filter options. Either option is good as long as it tells you everything you need to know within a few clicks about each of your client’s campaigns.

When discussing dashboards there are a couple versions that need to be addressed.

White Label Dashboard Type 1 – The Agency Dashboard

This is the most typical type of dashboard you’ll be working with. This is your command and control cockpit as it were. From here you’ll manage all of your clients, their various orders, reports, and emails. This is also where your agency communicates with their white label SEO provider. Your support, strategy advice, and general services can all be found here.

Other items you’ll find under this dashboard are

  • Client’s stats at at glance
  • Recently purchased orders
  • Menu of complimentary services to aid your promotions
  • Recent keyword rank changes
  • Help tutorials
  • Memberhsip wide updates IE: Webinar signups
  • Forums
  • Etc.

As you can see this is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time when working with one of these types of companies.

White Label SEO Dashboard Type 2 – The Client Dashboard

In case you haven’t read our entire home page, we do have slightly conflicting feelings about this particular item. While it’s attractive to prospective agencies on the surface – it can turn into a real headache.

This dashboard is one that you provide your various clients with. It’s typically hosted on your URL in order to maintain your branding continuity. You give the client a login and they’re able to login anytime of day and see their most recent campaign stats. At first glance, that sounds pretty good. Clients stay informed and your work load just got a tad bit smaller. However, there is certainly a downside. Sometimes too much information is worse than not enough. And other times client’s become impatient with the lack of day to day changes when it comes to SEO. It’s truly a double edged sword.

After trying both with our own personal agency we decided against the client dashboard login.

Here are a couple of examples of what these dashboards look like:

#1 PosiRank – Not too fancy but oh so efficient!

#2 Agency Platform – It’s pretty, but is it all just flash and no substance?

#3 eBrandz – Also very pretty.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q – What Is A White Label SEO Dashboard?
A – A White label SEO dashboard could mean one of two different things.  The first type of dashboard you could be working with is the back-end system digital marketing agencies use to manage all of their client’s campaigns.  From here they an see keyword ranking performance, recent product purchases, recent links acquired or lost, keyword research orders, or even if the content they ordered has been completed.

The second type of SEO dashboard you might be working with is the “client facing” dashboard.  This is an analytical or data oriented dashboard strictly for client’s to see their SEO campaigns performance.  When they login they’ll be able to view keyword rankings for various search engines, mobile rankings, as well as any recent project activity like new content being added to their site or the launching of a new lead gen micro site.


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