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Not all dashboards are created equal. Know what to look for when choosing your white label SEO platform.

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White label SEO tools

SEO Tools

Does an impressive list of SEO tools make or break the deal?  Find out with this in-depth article.

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White Label Reporting

Doing this right will improve your agency’s ROI.  Make sure your white label provider offers these types of reports, or start looking elsewhere.

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The White Label SEO Advantage – Get It Before Your Competitors Do

In today’s chaotic world of online marketing it can be tough to know where to turn for reliable information.  It can be doubly as hard to know where to turn when it comes to search engine optimization.  That’s why so many of today’s digital marketing agencies turn to white label SEO.

What Is It?

The traditional way to deliver SEO services has been to hire 1 or more search engine optimization specialists that provide your clients with products and services.  In opposition to that white label SEO companies offer outsourcing solutions that you brand and deliver to your client as your own. Every report, every service, and every deliverable you could offer as an SEO agency you can offer through a white label SEO platform (a.k.a SEO Reseller, Private Label SEO Reseller). All of this can be done with your company’s logo and corporate branding in place.  The end result is that the client receives superior products and services (sometimes, not all platforms are created equal) that help them improve ROI.

How Can Outsourcing My SEO Help My Marketing Agency?

There are a several reasons why this can be advantageous for marketing agencies from small to enterprise level.  Everything comes down to return on investment, ultimately.  However here are some considerations that you may not have been aware of. In-House Specialists Can Be Hard to Hire – As college’s and universities are beginning to catch up to online marketing trends there really is a lack of verifiable SEO’s available. In-House Teams Can Be Less Cost Effective – The reason for this can be widely varied.  All sorts of considerations come into play when dealing with an in-house team.  For example salaries may be mid-to-high level and your flow of leads for that team will wax and wane.  The overhead of the salary based model can be much less efficient than an on-demand SEO solution. Wider Inventory of Products & Services – When dealing with the right reseller company you’ll find that they have a much wider array of ancillary products and services than you may be able to offer yourself.  Such products like lead generation site creation, or promotional video production can add a lot to your bottom line when cross-sold to existing clients. Reliable Delivery, Quality, & Support – Again, this all depends on whether you choose the right reseller program.  The respected companies out there are often extremely punctual and meet deliverable deadlines day in and day out.  And when it’s delivered it’d done correctly.  Reliability is invaluable in any business.

This All Sounds Great – What’s the Catch?

Well, as with most things there is quite a range of quality to be had between competing SEO resellers. From one platform to the next, there is no guarantee of the quality work you’ll get.  The only way to know exactly which company to work with is to read this site.  We’ve worked with them all and have determined which are worth your time and effort. Below you’ll find our comparison chart of the best white label SEO providers available.  There are other companies with lower prices and perhaps a wider variety of services.  However, these are the companies we felt had the highest quality and best reputations.

PosiRank Is Our Top Recommendation.

#1 PosiRank #2 Agency Platform #3 eBrandz #4 Hubshout
 Price (Monthly) Starts @ $200 $199 Local $299 National  $329 – #3999 Unavailable
Total White Label Control 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24
 Local Promotion 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24
 International Promotion 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24
 Rank Tracking 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24
 Client Reporting 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24 1418303333_like-24
 Strategy Advice 1418303333_like-24 fire-24 fire-24 1418303333_like-24
 Lead Gen Site Creation 1418303333_like-24 fire-24 fire-24 1418303333_like-24
 Content Creation 1418303333_like-24 fire-24 fire-24 1418303333_like-24

So Why PosiRank?  As you can see we have some pretty straight forward features that we feel are “must-have” for anyone looking to offer SEO services.  On the surface you might think those were the only reasons we chose PosiRank as our clear leader.  However, there’s more to it than that.

What We Absolutely Love About PosiRank

  • The co-founders are made up of highly experienced, successful SEO practitioners.  They are not simply investors hiring people to run their business.
  • There is extensive strategy and support available through their forums
  • They provide professional level “traditional” support through a ticket system in addition to the forums.
  • Their menu of services is extensive and designed to drive your client’s ROI as well as your own.
  • The provide suggested markup rates for each product and service
  • The quality of all products and services are industry leading.
  • They offer live case studies that detail step by step how they achieve top level rankings for high dollar cost per click keywords.
  • They are constantly on the cutting edge of SEO strategy.  This alone is worth their weight in gold.  SEO is a highly volatile industry.  They back up their advice with data, not theory.

What We Don’t Love About PosiRank

Well this is where it gets complicated.  It’s not that are things that we don’t like about PosiRank.  The only issue we can fault them for is that there is no client dashboard login.  This means that your client’s cannot check their campaign stats and progress at will. With that said in our experience this is not always an ideal situation. Yes… it reduces the amount of reports you email to them (this can be automated).  However, it creates a scenario in which the client can obsessively monitor a campaign that may take months to see significant results.  This can create an absolute nightmare in customer support. So while, yes, other platforms do offer this particular feature it may not be as advantageous as it sounds.  At least that’s what we found in our experience.

What’s The Deal With #2 – #4?

The other companies we’ve put in our comparison are not bad companies.  As we said – these are the best of the best in this niche.  After spending time with them all there were small things here and there that would add up.  For example, our primary SEO contact for a couple of these  platforms seemed to be “on-the-job” trained folks. On the job training isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The issue for us was that we felt our contacts at PosiRank were always very knowledgeable as well as aware of current trends and what’s coming.  You could say their advice and strategy is just a bit more advanced for White label SEO companies.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q – What Is White Label SEO?
A – While we’ve done our best to try and answer that question on this page we understand this can be a foreign concept to new SEO’s.  White label SEO is a business arrangement that allows service providers like digital marketing agencies, web designers, and developers to offer a menu of SEO services to their existing customers through these white label SEO platforms.  The designer or agency simply marks up their cost and resells the service to their existing client, puts the order in with the white label platform, and then services are provided to the end client under that designer or agency’s brand (as opposed to the white label platform’s brand).  They’re a “hidden” professional work force allowing businesses to increase revenue without having to perform the service itself.  They simply manage the project on the client’s behalf with the white label platform.

Q – Which White Label SEO Reseller Should I Use?
A – There are a lot of considerations to make when deciding who to work with.  At the end of the day you want your client to achieve the best SEO results possible for the money they invest.  So the logical way to do this is to work with professionals with the longest track record of success, highest level of knowledge, and best system or marketplace to get the services, consultations, and products necessary to achieve this.  Our recommended SEO reseller is PosiRank.